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Hi! I'm Andrea, a 21-year-old student currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication at the Ateneo De Manila University. I have a penchant for storytelling in its many forms, including written work for local news agencies, campus publications, and advocacy groups, as well as film and production work in student organizations. As an aspiring journalist and media practitioner, I believe that powerful storytelling incites meaningful change.

Currently, I am the Online Editor for HEIGHTS Ateneo, the University's official literary and artistic publication. I am also a Public Relations Executive for Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon, a multisectoral organization that aims to encourage Filipinos to register to vote.

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How Stories of Survivorship in Art and Literature Incite Protest

Almost two years ago, hundreds of students and faculty members protested in front of the Horacio De La Costa hall as a way of denouncing sexual harassment at the Ateneo de Manila University. Carla* was among the people who marched and shouted in the Loyola Schools, despite her initial hesitations. “[It was] amazing to see how many people showed up,” Carla recalls; emphasizing how cathartic it felt for her to march in the rally. For the first time, she felt recognized as she stood her ground with people who shared
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Much like the heavy traffic they face in their daily routes, jeepney drivers are in an unrelenting gridlock. With the implementation of the PUV modernization program hanging over weary shoulders, the fate of the Philippines' transport sector remains precarious. Ateneo MIRLab listens to the sentiments and insights of Tatay Elmer Cordero, Sir Cerilo Latoreno, Sir Steve Ranjo, and Sir Bong Baylon of PISTON in "Pasada." We call on the Ateneo community and beyond to stand in solidarity with the transport sector and other communities gravely affected by the pandemic. The current circumstances implore us to be more critical of social injustices. We must recognize the significance of collective action, now, a time when is it most necessary. We would like to thank the members of PISTON and their overwhelming generosity with their stories, courage, and heart.
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Collecting dust

In front of my bed is a window facing almost directly towards my neighbor’s, an invasion of our privacy waiting to happen. The wrinkly white curtain thankfully hides the unkempt mess that beholds my bedroom, but it’s also ever so slightly translucent enough that the sunlight faintly peeks through the fabric in the slow hours of the morning. The study desk is an attraction among mostly illegible receipts of processed food and bottled drinks I bought off convenience stores years ago, scrappily mee

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